Coaching for success

Accomplishments in business and sport come from the same mindset, that which is programmed for success.

Our coaching helps individuals and teams set clearly defined goals and develop powerful strategies to achieve positive outcomes and personal growth.

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Whether you are looking to seek a resolution to a problem or make achievements in your personal, professional or sporting life, we’ll help you create strategies and develop a way of thinking that has the potential to increase your performance for life.

We’re all unique and how one person defines success could be wildly different from the next. That’s why it’s so important to have someone working with you who is devoted entirely to keeping you on track and helping you achieve what’s right for you. The support of friends, family, colleagues etc is to be valued, but often comes with opinions and judgements based on the world as they see it. Noone really understands how it feels to be you and even you may not fully understand what is holding you back, whether in your personal life or at work.

Back in Front coaches can quickly and easily unpick challenges, help develop creative solutions and arm people with the confidence to achieve. We empower individuals and bring teams to life.

Our coaches operate without bias or judgement and simply exist to help you succeed.

Back in Front coaches provide one to one coaching and/or workshops in the following areas:

Personal performance and life coaching

  • Setting goals in all areas of your life and achieving balance
  • Reducing stress, increasing confidence and overall health and wellbeing
  • Enhancing skills
  • Achieving the possible dreams e.g. write that novel, run a marathon
  • Managing time and finances

Executive and corporate coaching (coaching in business)

  • Stress Management
  • Confidence building
  • Creative growth strategies
  • Strategies for creating positive change
  • Team building and development
  • Enhancing business skills e.g. presenting, leadership, communication, management, budget management etc
  • Career planning and progression
  • Time management
  • Dealing with conflict
  • How business can learn from the world of sport
  • Decision making


  • Strengthening the mind and confidence of athletes and sportspeople
  • Developing a mind that copes well with change and/or injury
  • Enhancing competitive performance
  • Balancing sport and other life priorities

It’s long been known that without psychological coaching, record breaking athletes would have limited success. However, nowadays performance in all sectors is being enhanced by coaching, as people strive to live their dreams and perform at their best in all areas of their life.

If you want it and it’s within your power to obtain it, you can get it.

There are those who think they can and those who believe they can’t. Both are right. – Henry Ford
More athletes should get the type of coaching Back in Front offer. – Mathieu Gnanligo, Olympic 400m sprinter
There’s no ‘right way,’ just ‘your way’, as Steve Jobs explained in this inspirational speech.
I begged my mother to send me to a camp where they did singing, dancing and acting. At the end they evaluate you and I was told completely, without exception, I should never sing again. It planted a seed in me that I just was not capable. So when this all came up I was terrified. But with the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish anything and the biggest accomplishment that I feel I got from the film was overcoming that fear. – Reese Witherspoon on her Oscar nomination for Walk the Line